Applicant should be above the age of 20 years as on 31st Dec 2022

Professional from the field of PR, Corp Comm and Mar Comm can apply.

Multiple nominee of the same company can be nominated

One person can apply in multiple categories.

All nomination are paid and submitted online

All questions with asterisks are mandatory.

Deletion & omission of any questions in the form will lead to disqualification.

All information furnished should be correct & up to date it is critical for adequate assessment.

All answers should be less than 300 words.

The final form should be submitted in a prescribed format of word doc or PDF

It is mandatory to share your latest picture not heavier than 2MB


Nomination Fees Rs 7000 plus taxes

Nomination ending date 10th August 2022

Early Bird Offer:

Special Price Rs 5000 plus taxes

Ending date : 20th July 2022

Results will be announced at the event scheduled in September 2022